Global Next Leaders Forum (GNLF) is a student organization in Tokyo, which consists of 25 members of undergraduate students in Tokyo such as University of Tokyo. GNLF was established in 2010, and this year the 11th members joined our team. We annually hold a Forum with students and professors from more than 10 countries. Our mission is to foster next global leaders, and we consider our Forum as an opportunity to accomplish this mission. 

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About our Forum
The forum provides you to have a deeper understanding of social issues throughout the 10 days of our program including discussions, presentations, fieldwork, etc. In addition, you will have the opportunity to stay in Tokyo with students from different countries, and experience the diversity of values or ways of thinking.
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How to Apply for the Forum
For those who wish to apply for Forum 2020, the submission of the Entry Sheet is required. Every student who is an undergraduate or a graduate in February 2020 is eligible to apply. Through selection based on Entry Sheets, qualified students are welcomed to join our Forum in February 2020.

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How to Support GNLF
We thank all our sponsors for assisting us in holding our Forum. Assistance for next Forum, Forum 2020, is greatly appreciated.
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