Global Next Leaders Forum has dedicated itself for as long as ten years to designing a platform from which leaders in the next generation depart. In each of the nine forums we have held so far, students from various backgrounds actively exchanged their views on a subject. We have also attached great importance to their experience of spending days and nights together, deeply communicating with each other. I personally can say for sure based on my own impression during the previous forum that the ten-day-long international human interaction is not something that could be fully replaced by any other means. GNLF must remain a place where students from all over the world can build and nurture relationships under the same roof. 

However, currently, many lives on the earth are endangered due to the outbreak of COVID-19. For the sake of safety of everyone involved in our project, we will have to carefully examine the changing conditions worldwide. 

At the moment, the GNLF management team is aiming at and preparing for holding GNLF2021 from February 19 to March 1, 2021, in Tokyo, as originally scheduled. We are to release on September 18 the guidelines for application and the decision-making procedure for whether or not to carry out the forum. 

The link below leads to the pre-entry form for GNLF2021. The latest information about the conference and its application procedures will be sent to the email addresses entered into it. 

We would heartily hope that human beings will figure out a way to live with the threat soon and there will be a new, sound and fruitful life for everyone, and look forward to having you here in Tokyo. Please take good care of yourself until then. 

Pre-entry form

July 11, 2020 2020-2021
President of Global Next Leaders Forum
Ryo Wakui