We always appreciate your continued support for Global Next Leaders Forum (GNLF).

With the aim of developing global leaders for the next generation, we have been holding the forums where students and professors from around the world gather to discuss current international issues from various perspectives. And this year, in 2021, we held the 10th conference. Your cooperation makes it possible for us to carry out these activities. On behalf of all the members, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Due to the current worldwide situation, it has become very difficult to carry out international exchange activities. Many organizations involved in international exchange have been forced to review their activities, and we held our 10th conference online for the first time. Although the format of the forum had changed, we are confident that students and professors were able to deepen their discussions on international issues from different viewpoints and come into contact with diverse values and cultures thanks to the careful preparation and cooperation of all participants. 

On the other hand, it is true that the change in the format of the forum had a great impact on our activities. Due to the time difference and unstable internet environment, the time for discussion and cultural exchange was greatly limited. It is very distressing that it was difficult to deepen exchanges and build trusting relationships, which is one of the major attractions of this forum. We are also preparing for the 11th Forum entirely online, and there is no prospect that we will be able to carry out the same activities as before.

However, we will put our best effort in finding out what we can do for now and put that into action, rather than lamenting what we cannot do. Our activities are changing as we continue to work online. However, the qualities required to become global leaders will not change. Those qualities are human nature itself, which are  the attitude of understanding and respecting each other on the basis of differences, and the attitude of dealing with problems flexibly in a rapidly changing environment. We will continue our activities with the goal of developing global leaders who possess these qualities in mind. I hope that one day we will be able to achieve our great goal of contributing to the development of future relations between nations through the trust that has been fostered among the students through this conference.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for your support in realizing the activities mentioned above. I look forward to your continued warm guidance and encouragement.

September 30 , 2021

2021-2022 President of Global Next Leaders Forum

Kazuki Nagamitsu

On behalf of the team, I would like to show our deepest gratitude for your constant support and advice for Global Next Leaders Forum (GNLF). 

This organization has aimed to become a platform from which leaders in the next generation depart and organized nine annual international conferences with students from all over the world. We are currently working on the preparation for the tenth forum, GNLF2021. 

Ten-day-long forum is designed as an opportunity for participating students to acquire knowledge, experience and long-lasting human networks, and develop their personality through the interactions with each other.
      The forum has been held under a different subject every year and has dedicated its program to discussing global problems from various perspectives. The program does not only allow participants to have better judgment on those issues. Further, by revealing the diversity of cultural and social backgrounds among the students, it strikingly awakes in them that their environments having been taken for granted were just one of the various possible sets of values. This insight could be called relativization of oneself. This experience, I believe, from my own experience in the previous conference, can be of great help in nurturing open-minded flexibility and growing up into ideal leaders.
      Spending all day long under the same roof for more than a week also cultivates friendship between the young future leaders from around the globe. The relationships shaped here do not end at the same time as the forum itself, but they last for a long period of time as international bonds. When these bonds contribute to international cooperation and friendship, it would be the time that our largest and most time-consuming purpose will be accomplished. 

Your kind support is essential in order for our efforts to realize our vision to continue. We would sincerely hope there will be warm and continuous help and encouragement. As president, I am determined to push forward with my colleagues toward handing over the spirit of the forum and producing new values at the same time. Thank you. 

March 14, 2020
2020-2021 President of Global Next Leaders Forum
Ryo Wakui

We appreciate the huge support for Global Next Leaders Forum (GNLF).

We set a goal of raising the next global leaders, who can see and think about things from various perspectives, more than ten years ago. We have held our main forums eight times, and have offered opportunities for representative students from various countries to think about what an essential attitude is in a diverse society. It is imperative to understand and respect each other’s differences and we wish they cherish how they felt during the main forum and continue on to participate in dealing with global issues in the future.

In our annual main forum, students gather from all over the world to discuss one social theme from their respective backgrounds. Participants may have some knowledge regarding the main topic that is obtained from the media in their daily lives.

However, there is significant value in what one can obtain from the forum, speaking with and listening to other people. He or she may ‘realize’ something important while taking on the perspective of those who grew up in unfamiliar cultures. What this conference offers is a platform to think based on those ‘realizations’.

The forum features diverse countries and is distinctive of its method of learning. Countries are selected to participate not based on the power balance of the globe but rather in the perspective of diversity, which makes it possible to have a wide array of diverse perspectives and to avoid  bias towards those from first world countries. Moreover, participants will be staying together for about two weeks, which will enable participants to receive inspiration by others outside of the discussions. The experience will be far more than just sitting and talking together with others from various cultural backgrounds. We provide an opportunity to the participants to truly realize their differences and this is one of the distinctive strengths of our organization that we hope more people will know about.

It is always the case with students’ organizations that members get replaced every year. This has disadvantages as well as advantages. Even so, our vision since the launch of this organization has not changed at all. With the spirit in mind of nurturing competent persons, who will flourish worldwide with a global perspective, we will keep on actively organizing our forums with new members. We sincerely hope you will give us further advice and support. Thank you.


2019 April 1st

Global Next Leaders Forum JAPAN

10th President Taihei MATSUMOTO

(University of Tokyo B2)

I am Kohei Hayashi, president of Global Next Leaders Forum Headquarters (hereinafter referred to as GNLF) in 2018.  Here, I will explain the intentions of this project.

The Identity of GNLF

As usual, we will hold an annual plenary session as the main activity of 2018.  The plenary session of GNLF is unique in that it is specialized to “know” the “personal values” of “others” and this is the reason why we place the plenary session at the center of our activities.

ⅰ) Others
Here, “others” means “people from different backgrounds: nationalities, cultures and religions”.  At the plenary sessions, participants from 12 countries gather together and discuss one topic.  We believe such a large-scale international exchange event is of much value for reasons, one of which is mentioned in ⅲ).

GNLF is looking for participants from all over the world, not just developed countries.  In order to make this happen, we are making contact with professors in various countries and are asking them to introduce GNLF to the students and to select the participants for the event.

Personal values

We live in a society, where information is abundant, and it is rather easy to know of the major opinions of a variety of groups. However, it is still difficult to listen to the voices of the individuals within those groups. The sessions of the GNLF are constructed so that to give students a chance to notice that the values we unconsciously take for granted differ culture to culture. Though it is hard to accept values that are different from ours, communicating with others, who have their own personalities, helps us realize the risk of rejecting others’ values without consideration. It also prevents us from holding prejudices about individuals only based on the stereotypes of specific groups such as religious groups, and nationalities.

Coming into contact with a different sense of value from yours is more meaningful compared to remembering one new fact.  What you regard as normal may not be common to your companion. These different understandings may arise while interacting with others from different backgrounds but it is important to make the effort to understand.  It is difficult to realize your where your own thinking comes from but through interactions with different people and encounters with different perspectives, it becomes easier to understand the base of your own thinking.  Such realization can be found by participating the Global Next Leaders Forum, which has participants from different backgrounds. In process of explaining

your own ideas to fellow participants, you can be more aware of your own thought process, which may have otherwise been unexplored, and relativize your own perspective.

There is also a difference in a sense of value, which emerges for the first time, not only when you discuss a topic with different others, which was mentioned in i), but when you live under the same roof as them.  GNLF, which is lead by a student organization, adds a unique value to the international exchange experience, and is not just offering an academic opportunity nor a mere sightseeing experience in a foreign country. GNLF aims to cultivate leaders of the next generation. We believe that communicating with others without a certain stereotype or prejudice and having the opportunity to relativize one’s values is necessary in the cultivation of leaders. The main forum provides such opportunity.

As president of the main forum in 2019, I will put my best effort in creating an ideal for GNLF, continue some parts of the previous way, and improve on points that need change.


Global Next Leaders Forum student Headquarters

9th President   Kohei HAYASHI

(University of Tokyo B2)

I am Hajime Fujita, the president for year 2017 of the Global Next Leaders Forum (hereinafter referred to as GNLF). I belong to the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Considering the fact that most of the successive presidents of GNLF belong to the University of Tokyo, I would like to blow a new wind toward the team.

Here, I would like to show our future goals for this year’s GNLF referring to its name.

Global – The world has seen a rapid change beyond our thoughts and it has become inevitable to ride the tides of globalization in managing the eco-system of the Japanese society. Based on our vision to foster global leaders for the next generations, we have achieved many activities including the planning and the run for our annual Forum. However, we have realized our limits at the same time. To come up with a breakthrough to this obstruction, I believe we have to halt for a moment to think about the meaning of holding the annual forum in Japan under the system of undergraduates running them: we need a “local” point of view in addition to a “global” point of view. 

Next Leaders – Our participants from all over the world have the mind to lead the future society and we hope every one will achieve those goals step by step using the experience and connections of our Forum. Also, having the mind of becoming leaders does not only apply to our participants but also to our GNLF team members. The experience of actively engaging in the decision making of the team through the process of planning and running the Forum is not what one can gain in his or her school life, and thus, I hope, as the president of GNLF, to support in creating an environment where every one can show their leadership. 

Forum – This year, based on past Forum participants’ reviews, we will be revising our program for the annual Forum aiming to create an “opportunity” for observing a topic from multilateral perspectives and proposing flexible ideas. In addition, our daily activities for creating and running the Forum is also an important “opportunity”. Though small in number, the shared time for discussing and creating a project with the highly skilled members shall be a valuable property for each member regardless of their future careers.

I aim to elevate and advertise the value of GNLF, and return its profits to society. I will bare in mind that this year will be a challenging year and pursue my job as the president.

2017 April 1st

Global Next Leaders Forum JAPAN

8th President Hajime FUJITA

(Dept. of Life Science and Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology B2)

ENLISH COMING SOON! (Japanese below)



この企画の根底にはGNLFが以前より掲げている3つの柱の一つ、「Human Network(人的ネットワーク)の構築」があり、地域会議を足掛かりとして築かれた新たなネットワークと、従来の国々との関係の融和を図り、冬の本会議をその集大成と位置付けたい所存であります。


2016 Sept 30th

Global Next Leaders Forum JAPAN

7th President Shohei YAMADE

(University of Tokyo B2)