Global Next Leaders Forum 2020

The Global Next Leaders Forum 2020 will be held next February. Global Next Leaders Forum is an international forum for university students from all around the world. You’ll have the opportunity to have a deep discussion about global issues, and appreciate each others’ values.



DATE: From 2/22/2020 to 3/2/2020
VENUE: Tokyo, Japan
SPONSOR: Global Next Leaders Forum JAPAN
PARTICIPATION FEE: 700 USD (Subsidies for flights are provided)

Family – There are many kinds and forms of families. In some countries, those who hope to become families cannot fulfill those wishes because of their sex. How do we define a family? What are the roles for a family?

Society – We spend much of our time in schools, companies and organizations. As future leaders, how do we manage our team to succeed a project? Also, how will you design your future career?

Nation – Our nation is one of the largest communities we belong to. The world aimed to create a globalized society until recently when nationalism attracted people’s attention. How do we balance the relationship between nations?

Project Proposal

Here is what we plan to do in our Forum this year.


Feb 22 (Sat)   Arrival
Feb 23 (Sun)  Opening Ceremony
Feb 24 (Mon) Part 1 Family
Feb 25 (Tue)  Part 1 Family
Feb 26 (Wed) Part 2 Local Community / Cultural Party
Feb 27 (Thu)  Part 2 Local Community
Feb 28 (Fri)    Part 3 Nation
Feb 29 (Sat)   Part 3 Nation
Mar 1  (Sun)  Sightseeing / Closing Ceremony
Mar 2  (Mon) Departure
Please note that schedules are subject to change.


Step 1. Download the entry sheet from our website.
Step 2. Fill in all information in the entry sheet.
Step 3. Submit your entry sheet via e-mail
For more information about the application process, click here.