GNLF Recruitment for Autumn 2019

~Recruitment of new GNLF members will start in August~

What’s GNLF ?

GNLF is a student organization which annually holds an international forum where students and professors gather together to discuss on social issues. Members include students from the University of Tokyo, International Christian University, Tsuda University, etc.

We hold a meeting every Wednesday from 7 p.m. to share task information. Our activity consists of finance, program making, foreign student invitation, and public relations for the Forum. Other activities are held irregularly.


Application Requirements


Few positions

Application Deadline

September 21 (Sat)
Please fill in the application form (check below) to complete your application.


Selection will be based on your submitted application form and an interview with our members. We will inform you about the interview after your submission. We place more importance on your personality rather than knowledge or capacity.


You must meet the following requirements to apply for GNLF.

① A student who belongs to an university in Japan as of September 2019
② A student who can work with us for at least a year
③ A student who supports our values and can contribute to our activity


  • Feel free to contact us to see what we do before applying.
  • We will send you a mail by the next day of submission. If you do not receive a mail, please let us know.



Q1 Can I join another club or do part-time jobs after joining GNLF?
Most of our members belong to more than two clubs, or do part-time jobs. We appreciate you sharing what you gained in those experiences to our activity, so we encourage members to engage in activities outside GNLF.

Q2 Do we have to participate in the meeting?
A2 Generally, we want all members to participate in the meeting held every Wednesday from 7 p.m. However, even if you miss the meeting for unavoidable circumstances, you can catch up by using our minute book.

Q3 I’m not sure of my English (or Japanese) skills…
A3 We do not select based on your English (or Japanese) skills.
English will be the main language throughout the Forum and Japanese will be the main language in our daily activities, but a high level of English (or Japanese) is not required. Of course, it is best to have language skills but there are many ways of contribution so feel free to join us.

Q4 Are there any fees?
A4 We do not take any regular fee.
Any commuting expenses for meetings or excursions must be paid by the individual.


Application Form

If you are interested in joining our team, feel free to apply!
Please fill in the Application Form below.

Application Form

(Application Form will be released in August)

※The deadline is September 21 2019.
We look forward to seeing you!