Global Next Leaders Forum 2021 will be held online. So, even though the number of participants from one country might be limited in order to maintain the characteristics of GNLF as a conference where students from various backgrounds meet together and exchange opinions, we will accept more participants than usual years.

The overview of and the application procedures for GNLF2021 are described in “Application Guide for GNLF2021.” To apply for GNLF2021, please download the “Format for the Entry Sheet” and fill out each blank, and submit it via email toward the address written below by the deadline.

Application Guide for GNLF2021 (.pdf)

Format for the Entry Sheet (.docx) 

After the submission, we will send an email to confirm the reception. If you do not receive a reply from us within 3 days, please submit it again or notice us via email.

Inquiries and the Entry Sheet should be sent to:

First Submission Deadline:
6 p.m., December 4,

Second Submission Deadline:
6 p.m., December 18, 2020, JST

We are looking forward to your application.